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ES Robbins is an experienced and creative manufacturer of small plastic containers suitable for pharmaceutical and home storage needs.  Our containers provide safe, dry and convenient storage for food, pills, capsules and beverages.

Have limited storage space?  Maximize your storage capacity with collapsible and expandable containers. Our containers expand and collapse depending on how much product you have left in the container. Expand our Pop-Tites and add water.  Enjoy a refreshing drink that it is easy to carry.

Exclusively from E S Robbins, the KleerMeasure Self-Measuring System eliminates the need for measuring cups and spoons. The canisters feature a dual chamber design—one for storage and one for measuring. The caps and bottles feature a weir in the cap for measurement without a measuring spoon. The tight fitting lids keep contents fresh.

Whatever your application, ES Robbins is committed to helping create a solution right for your needs. We are especially interested in wholesale container fabrication opportunities with OEMs. Have an idea you need a container for? Let us know. We'll work with you to manufacture the perfect container to sell your product.

ES Robbins has more than 30 years of experience manufacturing plastic containers.  We have the technology and the staff to get your project handled the right way, every time.

Kleermeasure caps
Measuring Caps CAP

Eliminate the need for measuring spoons by using our specialty measuring caps.

kleermeasure dispensers
Dispensers CAP

Protect, measure and pour all from the same dispenser without additional tools.

expandables containers
Containers CAP

Fit your containers to your product and store more containers in the same space.


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